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  • Annulé Trail des crêtes du Chablais

    Annulé Trail des crêtes du Chablais

    The TCC was born from the spirit of passionate local runners wanting to share their pleasure of running on the ridges in between the peaks, enjoying the view of the lake and mountains.
    3 comptetitions : 15, 49 and 84 km.

  • Bol d'or Mirabaud

    Bol d'or Mirabaud

    From Friday 12 to Sunday 14 June 2020 between 9 am and 7 pm.

    Organised for the first time in 1939, the Bol d’Or is now the world’s biggest freshwater regatta. A popular celebration of sailing, the Bol d’Or is now also one of the great classics in the international regatta calendar.

  • Léman Thonon Triathlon

    Léman Thonon Triathlon

    Sunday 14 June 2020.

    Between the lake and the mountain, the LTT takes on a holiday mood: in the water, then on the shores of Lake Geneva, the most experienced athletes as well as beginners and children enjoy each year an event with swimming, cycling and running.

  • Trail des Crêtes du Chablais

    Trail des Crêtes du Chablais

    Sunday 21 June 2020. Date to be confirmed.

    A trail to discover the Chablais mountain with itineraries of differentes difficulties: 15 km, 49 km or 84 km in relay. The finish is in Vacheresse.

  • Rencontres Musicales d'Evian inédites

    Rencontres Musicales d'Evian inédites

    From Saturday 4 to Thursday 9 July 2020.

    Under exceptional circumstances, unprecedented festival.
    This year, the Rencontres Musicales d'Évian will take place, but will come to life in a new form.

  • Visite commentée de la Maison du Fromage Abondance

    Visite commentée de la Maison du Fromage Abondance

    From 07/07 to 26/08/2020 Opening hours on Tuesday between 6 pm and 7 pm. On Wednesday between 1.30 pm and 2.30 pm.

    Discover the interpretation centre with a guide. Only in French.

  • Les Mardivaleries

    Les Mardivaleries

    From 21/07 to 18/08/2020, every Tuesday between 10 am and 7 pm.

    The Middle Ages is never passé! We’re proud to present Tuesday’s “Mardivaleries” events!

  • Les Fondus du Macadam

    Les Fondus du Macadam

    From Tuesday 4 to Saturday 8 August 2020 between 11 am and 11 pm.

    An essential summer event: this performing arts festival has been bringing surprising artistic adventures to well-known and little-known places in the heart of the town for over 23 years, with famous artists and young aspiring talents. In the programme of 150 performances: theatre, music, dance, street arts, circus acts and puppets. Come and celebrate a popular, innovative, funny and moving anniversary. Once again this year, there’s something for everyone in the Fondus.

  • Dîner-Concert de Zanarelli

    Dîner-Concert de Zanarelli

    Wednesday 5 August 2020 between 7.30 pm and 10.30 pm.

    The festival Chansons Françaises en Abondance propose you a diner & concert "Concert de Zanarelli".

  • Hommage à Joe Dassin avec Arthur Jorka

    Hommage à Joe Dassin avec Arthur Jorka

    Wednesday 5 August 2020 between 7.30 pm and 10.30 pm.

    The festival Chansons Françaises en Abondance propose you a diner & concert "Joe Dassin tribute with Arthur Jorka".

Welcome to the Chablais region

The Chablais region is the first chain in Pre-Alps mountains between Lake Geneva and the Mont-Blanc mountain range. Its mountains are home to forests, alpine pastures and winter sports resorts.

The lower Chablais country or “Pays du Léman” forms an amphitheater that gradually rises behind the 50 kilometers of lakeside on the French side of Lake Geneva; Evian and Thonon mineral waters take their source at the heart of these ancient glacial deposits.

Lake Geneva is so big that it influences the climate of the whole of this region; it has been the center of major historical struggles between Geneva and the Savoy House, whose court resided at Ripaille at the start of the XVth Century, before choosing to reform and gradually improving relations with the Bernois.

The Chablais province, part of the Savoy region, which itself only became part of France in 1860, is on the outskirts of the region and remains highly influenced by the proximity of Geneva and the Swiss cantons.

The “Chablais Heritage” Association aims to help visitors discover the wealth and diversity of the Lake Geneva region’s cultural, historical and natural heritage.

Places in pictures

  • Jardin d'eau
  • Palais lumière
  • Foret de Rippaille
  • Funiculaire
  • Usine d'Evian
  • Source Evian
  • Musée de la préhistoire
  • Musée des Pompiers
  • Vieille douane
  • Galerie Etrave
  • Gorges du pont du diable