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Domaine de Rovorée - La Châtaignière


  • Domaine de Rovorée - La Châtaignière
  • Domaine de Rovorée - La Châtaignière
  • Domaine de Rovorée - La Châtaignière
  • Domaine de Rovorée - La Châtaignière


This 24-hectare estate, one of the few accessible public spaces on the shores of Lake Geneva in France, is home to the Manoir de Rovorée and La Châtaignière, owned by the Haute-Savoie department and the Conservatoire du Littoral.

The Domaine is one of the largest natural sites accessible to the public on the French side of Lake Geneva. It is not a developed urban park, but a sensitive natural area, home to an ancient forest with centuries-old chestnut trees, lakeshores with tufa caves and medieval remains, forest and shore birds and a splendid panorama of Lake Geneva.
The absence of contemporary development preserves the magical charm of these landscapes, shaped over the centuries by human practices, and offers nature lovers and quiet enthusiasts a unique site, notably for its magnificent chestnut trees, rooted for two centuries in this unspoilt setting.

The estate boasts a wide variety of landscapes: tufa resurgences, meadows, hedges, wooded areas, lake shores... These contrasts explain the richness of the local biodiversity. There are no fewer than 350 species of flora, 87 species of birds, 29 species of butterflies and 13 species of bats!

The site is designed to welcome all kinds of visitors: interpretation panels along the trails, parking, PRM accessibility, teaching aids for teachers, an off-site room planned...
Some of the trails are accessible to people with reduced mobility.
Every year, from April to October, the Département and its partners offer free nature discovery activities, enabling you to discover the richness of the site in a playful, artistic and unusual way, as well as an exhibition linking nature and culture.

Sensitive natural area owned by the Haute-Savoie département.


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  • Guided group tours
  • Unguided individual tours


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